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Leviticus Fund’s Faith-Based Research

The Leviticus Fund’s rich history of mission-driven community development is rooted in the vision of economic social justice and innovative stewardship of financial resources fostered by Catholic congregations and religious orders.

As Leviticus observed religious communities tackling retirement and care-delivery issues, while also discerning what to do with underutilized properties and buildings, we recognized an opportunity to share the details of choices made by some communities with a larger group, including our own members.

As a result, in June of 2015 Leviticus launched a study to compile examples of how religious organizations were re-visioning existing buildings and properties that either had become too costly to maintain or that were no longer needed for their original purpose. We were interested in understanding their internal processes for decision-making and wanted to know if faith-based groups had sufficient access to information about viable ways to create a mission legacy through new land and building uses.

Leviticus also interviewed consultants and practitioners experienced in working with faith-based organizations. Their valuable insights are included in the resources we have created, especially in the document titled “Before You Begin.”

Presented below are Leviticus’ initial learnings from our project of exploration. We hope to continue our outreach and research on this topic going forward and plan to share those findings in the hope that they offer faith-based organizations opportunities to discover within their land and buildings new expressions for mission and ministry in the future.

Leviticus offers a special word of thanks to the Westchester Community Foundation for encouraging this work and for providing financial support to launch our research.

   Before you Begin

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