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You know your organization or group's mission; here is an opportunity to now extend your mission into communities where opportunities can create life-giving change.

If you are a church, church-based organization, religious order, health care system or nonprofit organization, you can become an investor in the Leviticus Fund in either of two ways, depending on the length of your loan.

The first option is to become a Member investor. Members make a subordinate investment for a period of five or more years. The minimum amount is $5,000 and is evidenced through the purchase of a subvention certificate. A semi-annual interest payment at a fixed rate of 2% is paid to you by the Leviticus Fund. This type of loan - or subvention - is extremely important to Leviticus' work and is a key factor in helping us attract other potential financial investors to be involved in any community development project. The risk factor for a subvention loan is higher. But Leviticus has a sterling repayment record to its longer-term investors, many of whom have been with our Fund since its founding. Member investors also elect Leviticus' Board of Directors.

The second type of investment is similar to a loan from an individual; a minimum of $1,000 or more for a period of one or more years. After making the loan, your organization will receive a Loan Agreement and Promissory Note and interest will be paid annually at the rate of 2% for each year of the loan's life.

To view a list of our current investors, click here.

For information on making either of these types of investments, please call

Maryann Sorese at 914.909-4222 or email msorese@leviticusfund.org

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