Our donors and investors know us as a home where their money will be used to promote social justice and equitable opportunities.

Driven by a mission to serve individuals and communities who are often forgotten, we use the capital we gather to finance homes as well as facilities for social service agencies, early learning and childcare centers, schools, primary healthcare centers, and businesses, all to strengthen communities and to provide new opportunities for low-income individuals and families.

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Every dollar you give generates up to four additional dollars we can invest in building communities.

Invest in Community

Put your money to work to serve the needs of the most vulnerable.

Opportunities to Borrow

We offer community-based developers flexible and low-cost loans to help them fulfill their missions.


Since 1983, we have invested over $215.5 million in projects to build, expand, or improve homes, childcare centers, charter public schools, health centers, and economic development in cities, towns, and rural areas across our region. Inside each of these projects are lives that have been enriched—over 25,000 of them, from infants to the elderly.

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