2022 Annual Meeting of Members

The Leviticus Fund hosted its second online Annual Meeting of Members on May 19, 2022.

We were humbled by the comments in the chat, like:

“Extremely proud of these initiatives and the work being done,”
“Thank you – so proud to be a part of Leviticus,” and
“Happy to be a part of this excellent work.”

We also published our Annual Report, which offers a more in-depth look at some of the accomplishments we shared with our members. If you’re an investor and received the report in the mail, please note that we’ve achieved a first this year – the report is interactive! You may scan the QR codes on the report’s pages with the camera on your phone or tablet, then click on the screen to go to a related article with more information.

But no matter how many bells and whistles we include in our reports or Zoom meetings, our success comes down to one thing: the support of our Members, Associates, Investors and Grantmakers. We simply couldn’t do this lifechanging work without you!

Our Board President, Sister Rosemary Jeffries, opened the meeting by sharing a reflection from Sister Macrina Wiederker OSB, from her collection of poems titled Seasons of Your Heart, pasted below.

Thank you for helping us bring so many dreams to fruition.

Hidden Dream

I am told that there are folks who refuse to dream
because their dreams have been so seemingly shattered
like dreams that die at birth.
And so they hide their dreams in small corners of their hearts
and pretend they aren’t there.

But as for me I am almost sure
that in the Body of Christ that we call the Church
we have the power
to help each other’s dreams come true.
For in dark moments
when light has hidden its face for a while
we are the stars meant to shine for each other
And we do!

More than anything else I would like to remind you
that the dreams hidden within you
have the power to become a gospel.

And it is as important for us to know that
as it is for the sun to shine
or the rain to fall
or a heart to beat,
because only if we believe in the gospel
that lives inside
those hidden dreams in us
can the strangers we walk with
afford to dream.