Cornerstone Awardee Honored for Call to Stewardship

The Leviticus Cornerstone award is given annually to an individual or organization that exemplifies a commitment to community-focused economic social justice, which is a core value of our mission. In 2018 the award honoree was Kathleen Murnion, whose support of Leviticus as an investor, former President and member of our Board of Directors, and current committee volunteer very much exemplifies that spirit of service and social justice.

Ms. Murnion became involved with Leviticus as an Associate investor with her husband, John, back in 1990. Eleven years later she was elected by our Member investors to serve on our board, including terms as President and Vice President. Today she is a highly valued advisor on our Development Committee, offering guidance on outreach and marketing strategies as we cultivate relationships with new individual and institutional investors.

Ms. Murnion has a keen ability to see the human connection between social justice and improving the quality of life for the economically poor and dedicates her time, talents and treasures with a sincere sense of stewardship. In accepting the award, she offered her gratitude to Leviticus for allowing her to be part of our work and shared what has become her daily prayer: “Dear God, remove all that would separate me from you.  Fill me with the imagination, desire, love and will to be an effective instrument for your kingdom.”