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Donations received by Leviticus support projects that improve the lives of low-income people.  They spur investments that create homes low-income families can afford, schools where disadvantaged students can better learn, nonprofit program spaces that create access to resources and services, and community-based healthcare that promotes primary and mental health wellness.

Our donors make all of this possible.

Unlike a typical charity where a donation is spent to fund direct services, donations to Leviticus become part of a growing capital base that creates a powerful resource to revitalize communities  Each donation allows Leviticus to secure:

  • Matching public resources that require dollar-for-dollar private donations to access
  • Debt capital at a rate up to $3 for every $1 donated

A portion of each donation is embedded in every flexible loan we make to assist the creation of new homes and better communities.  As each loan is repaid, these donated dollars are recycled into new loans to assist additional families and neighborhoods.  This virtuous cycle is repeated in the future, putting your donation to work each time we make a new investment in a community project.

Secure Online Donations

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Please consider becoming a sustaining donor with a recurring contribution!

Mail Donations

To contribute by mail, please send your donation to:

Leviticus Fund
Attn: Development
220 White Plains Road
Suite 125
Tarrytown, New York 10591

DAF Donations

Planned Giving

Leviticus has met many needs in low-income communities over the past three decades. Still, we know that many more will emerge in the years ahead and we want Leviticus to be there to be part of the solution and to provide hope to as many people as we can. Remembering Leviticus in your will or estate planning is a way to tie your legacy to ours, and to ensure we are able to assist families and communities well into the future.

If you are interested in arranging a planned gift to Leviticus, contact our staff at [email protected]

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