Finances as Ministry

A recent article from the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, Eastern American Area, called out their 40-year collaboration with the Leviticus Fund.

According to the post’s author, Sister Joanne Safian, RSHM, “We are called by our Constitutions ‘to use the goods of this world according to the spirit of the Gospel’ and by our Mission Statement to ‘place ourselves and our resources at the service of those most in need of justice.’ In carrying out this ministry we collaborate with a number of organizations.”

Sister Joanne noted that one “dimension of ‘finances as ministry’ is impact investing, whereby we can use our investments to support specific community development projects. Low-income individuals and nonprofit organizations in underserved areas often struggle to obtain financing for needed improvements like the construction of affordable housing and other neighborhood revitalization projects.”

The Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary were among the original investors in the Leviticus Fund in 1983. They were also among the first donors to the Legacy Fund in April of 2021.

The Legacy Fund is a permanently restricted fund to be used exclusively for lending capital. Unlike traditional grants, this gift can never be “spent down” – but will keep revolving into communities in need for the foreseeable future.

Through their financial collaboration with the Leviticus Fund, communities like the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary continue their ministry of relieving poverty and suffering by investing in efforts that foster social, economic, environmental, and racial justice.  We are deeply grateful for their support.