Since 1983, we have invested over $215.5 million in projects to build, expand, or improve homes, childcare centers, charter public schools, health centers, and economic development in cities, towns, and rural areas across our region. Inside each of these projects are lives that have been enriched—over 25,000 of them, from infants to the elderly. Our financing supports brick-and-mortar projects, but our focus is on investing in people and ensuring they have access to quality housing and essential services that enrich their lives.

The impact that our investments have on the lives of low-income individuals, families, and communities is what motivates our investors and donors to entrust us as stewards of their resources. 

Our Numbers:

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Affordable Homes
Early Care & Charter Public School Seats
Health Care Facilities
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Our Investments:

Our investments have spanned five states and dozens of communities. Click on any of the project categories in the map below to see the distribution of the affordable homes, community facilities, and economic development projects we have financed since our inception.

Success Stories: