The Newburgh Housing Policy Outline presents preliminary suggestions for policy themes, goals, and actions that could potentially shape the City of Newburgh’s long-term strategy for meeting local housing needs. The document is available in a summary slidedeck format as well as a more expansive narrative document in PDF format. A Spanish language format of the presentation is forthcoming. The City of Newburgh’s residents are invited to offer their reactions to this outline and offer their own suggestions for housing policies and other interventions that will improve the overall quality of life in Newburgh’s neighborhoods.

Comments should be emailed to the project consultants: Kevin Dwarka ( and Tiffany Zezula (

Newburgh Housing Policy Outline – Summary Presentation

Newburgh Housing Policy Outline – Expanded Version

Newburgh Housing Policy Outline – Spanish Version

The Leviticus Fund in partnership with Kevin Dwarka LLC and Pace Land Use Law Center is studying pathways for better meeting the housing needs in the City of Newburgh, NY (Orange County) through coordinated changes in the City’s policies, programs, and regulations.

The first step in this year-long initiative is to document the current and future housing needs of Newburgh residents. Newburgh’s housing needs assessment will be based upon a broad range of data sets, input collected directly from residents, and observations from local housing practitioners.  Input from residents is being gathered through community listening sessions as well as the distribution of an online survey.

The second step in this initiative will be to evaluate best practices in housing policy from other cities that have experienced similar housing challenges to those identified in Newburgh. Best practices will be researched in four key areas:

  • Housing Conditions
  • Housing Affordability
  • Housing Development
  • Neighborhood Revitalization

In addition to exploring policies in these four themes, the project team will also be considering ways of aligning new housing policies with the City’s long-term economic development goals.

The final report will provide a comprehensive policy framework that will help the City of Newburgh and other housing organizations better meet the housing needs of Newburgh residents. Informed by extensive best practice research, the policy framework will consist of long-term housing goals as well as specific recommendations for achieving those goals through specific actions such as refinements of municipal administrative practices, regulatory reforms,  changes in funding priorities, or the creation of new partnerships. The policy framework will be designed as an update to the housing element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

Stay tuned on this page for project updates, announcements of future engagement sessions, and presentation of draft sections of the report. Please direct questions on the Newburgh Housing Report to the project’s consultant, Kevin Dwarka

The Newburgh Housing Needs Survey is now live!

As part of the Newburgh Housing Report, the Leviticus Fund is surveying all City of Newburgh residents about their housing needs. The results will be used to reshape the City of Newburgh’s housing policies. With your input, we can better address key community concerns like the physical condition of our buildings, affordability, and access to social services.

The survey will be open to all City of Newburgh residents from November 2nd, 2020 through January 1st, 2021.  We promise to publish the survey results early in the new year.

Survey in English:

¡La Encuesta Sobre las Necesidades de Vivienda en Newburgh ya está disponible!

Como parte del Reporte de Vivienda de Newburgh, el Leviticus Fund está haciendo una encuesta para todos los residentes de la ciudad de Newburgh sobre sus necesidades de vivienda. Los resultados van a usarse para moldear las políticas de vivienda en la ciudad de Newburgh. Con su opinión, vamos a poder darle seguimiento a las inquietudes claves de la comunidad como la condición física y la asequibilidad de nuestros edificios y el acceso a los servicios sociales.

La encuesta estará abierta para todos los residentes de la ciudad de Newburgh del primero de Noviembre de 2020 hasta el primero de Enero de 2021. Vamos a compartirle los resultados de la encuesta a principios del año.

En Espanol:


Newburgh Housing Report-City Council Update 10.22.20

The project team presented an update on the Newburgh Housing Report to the Newburgh City Council on October 22nd. The presentation included a preview of the range of housing goals and strategies under consideration. More refined goals, strategies, and specific actions are currently in development.

Draft Newburgh Community Profile

A key element of the Newburgh Housing Needs Assessment is analysis of Newburgh’s demographic composition, housing market, and economic conditions. The initial findings from this analysis are presented in the Draft Newburgh Community Profile.

Record of Community Listening Sessions

In September 2020, the project team hosted a series of four community listening sessions aimed at collecting input from residents on their housing needs. This feedback has been documented in the Record of Community Listening Sessions.


Following 18 months of collaborative work with a wide range of community-based stakeholders, The Leviticus Fund released its Yonkers Housing Report in October of 2019. The report offers eight housing best practices that are tailored to the unique opportunities and challenges that the City of Yonkers is facing in the midst of its urban redevelopment.

After years of declining population and disinvestment, Yonkers and other cities throughout the United States are experiencing new waves of people, businesses, and urban development. Restoring urban vitality is wonderful, but also raises vexing public policy questions about housing affordability and inclusion. Cities everywhere are challenged with attracting new investment while expanding housing and employment opportunities for its lowest-income households. Yonkers is a microcosm of these broader trends. And given its proximity to New York City, one of the most expensive housing markets in the world, it is an opportune time to analyze housing policy in Yonkers.

We offer special words of thanks to the JPMorgan Chase Foundation for providing charitable support for this housing policy study, and to the land use and economic consulting firm of Kevin Dwarka LLC, that led the report’s technical process.

It is our hope that the report will be a touchstone to help achieve, over time, more equitable and inclusive housing choices for individuals and families of all incomes living in Yonkers.


To read the report’s Executive Summary, click here.

To read the full report, click here.