It’s an honor!

We are delighted to announce that Kayla Jeffrey and the Leviticus Fund are the recipients of Habitat for Humanity NYC and Westchester’s Sondra Roach Community Partner award for 2022! From the announcement:

Since launching our Housing Preservation program in 2017, the Leviticus Fund has been a dynamic partner to Habitat NYC and Westchester. NYC has a large stock of limited equity affordable housing co-ops—we need lenders like Leviticus who are willing to partner with our Housing Preservation program and Habitat for Humanity New York City Community Fund to get much-needed non-predatory financing into these important sources of affordable homeownership for tens of thousands of New Yorkers.

Leviticus Fund and Senior Investment Officer Kayla Jeffrey’s guidance, inspiration and motivation have been invaluable to our preservation work, and our fledgling Community Fund. Kayla is a patient and dedicated partner, assessing and considering projects with thoughtful consideration. This dedication was demonstrated on two projects in particular–1045 Anderson Ave HDFC co-op in the Bronx and 2178 Atlantic Ave HDFC in Brooklyn. Both projects had long timelines and were challenging for different reasons, but Kayla endured, engaged the Leviticus team, and worked tirelessly to see these projects through to closings.  

Habitat NYC and Westchester re-named our Community Partner award to honor the memory of Sondra Roach, who worked as a Loan Organizer for the Mortgage Division of M&T Bank for 13 years. To Habitat, and the homebuyers we served together, Sondra was far more than that. She was an advocate, a confidante, and a powerhouse for Habitat homebuyers. She supported countless families as they navigated the daunting process of becoming first time homeowners. Sondra met homebuyers’ concerns, trials and tribulations with empathy and encouragement, and celebrated their every success.

It’s always been hard for lower-income New Yorkers to achieve and protect the dream of home ownership, but in the ongoing affordable housing crisis, it’s even harder. The Leviticus Fund was pleased to work with Habitat for Humanity NYC and Westchester to give these families the chance to build wealth, preserve economic and racial diversity, and level the playing field against gentrification and speculation.

Thank you to Habitat for Humanity NYC and Westchester, for your partnership and for the recognition!