Leviticus Fund Receives Federal Grant Awards Totaling $3.23 Million

The Leviticus Fund was recently awarded new grants by the federal CDFI Fund to support its lending for affordable housing and healthy food-access, in addition to its work within persistent poverty counties and projects serving the disabled.  The grant awards of $3.23 million were the largest aggregate total nationwide.

The November 19th announcement was for the Fund’s annual Base Financial Assistance (FA) award, plus three supplemental awards for the Healthy Food Financing Initiative (HFFI), Persistent Poverty Counties (PPC) and Disability Funds (DF).  In what is an increasingly competitive annual funding cycle, Leviticus was one of 261 awardees selected from a pool of 412 applicants.

“This is an incredible moment for the Leviticus Fund,” said Greg Maher, our Executive Director. “We are deeply grateful to the CDFI Fund for this award, which will allow us to continue our strong growth trajectory.  More significantly, these vital federal resources, when leveraged with additional private debt, will enable us to deliver even more highly flexible capital to benefit the individuals, families and communities that we serve.”

“I also want to add a special thank you to our donors – both individuals and institutions – that so generously support our work,” he added. “Three of these federal award programs – FA, PPC and DF – require a dollar-for-dollar match to access the awarded funding, so without their critical philanthropic support we could not have achieved the required $1.23 million match.”

To read the CDFI Fund’s announcement, click here