Leviticus Fund’s Inaugural Cornerstone Award

In 2015, we established the Leviticus Cornerstone Award to recognize an individual, organization or community who has made an extraordinary contribution to our mission or to the broader work of promoting poverty relief and social equity through community development initiatives in low-income areas. Bernadette Kenny, RSHM, a member of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary in Tarrytown, New York, was the recipient of the inaugural award.  She has provided pro bono legal services to Leviticus for over 25 years. The savings in legal fees for our nonprofit borrowers equates to hundreds of thousands of dollars that remained with these organizations, available to support their vital work.

Sr. Bernadette also served on our Board of Directors for nine years, including a three-year term as President.

“I love the idea of being a Cornerstone!,” said Sr. Bernadette. “It has been an honor and a privilege to be a small part of the work of Leviticus and, by extension, its borrowers. I am energized by the work and by the support I have received over the years from so many of the religious congregations who are members of the Leviticus Fund. The Cornerstone Award helps me realize that my gifts are in answer to a call, and make a contribution to a better world.”