Preserving Affordable Housing in Connecticut

In 1995, the Mutual Housing Association of Greater Hartford (MHA) converted a long-vacant 19th century school building in Windsor Locks, CT into 21 units of affordable rental housing, ensuring low-income families could choose to live in this high-opportunity town. After almost 25 years of occupancy, the building is now in need of a range of repairs and upgrades. Leviticus is providing a $300,000 loan to MHA to help them complete these improvements.

In Windsor Locks, a suburb of Hartford, only 7% of housing units are affordable to low-income families. In these circumstances, even small-scale multi-family projects like MHA’s make a big difference in the economic diversity and opportunity that a middle-class town like Windsor Locks offers. All 21 homes in MHA’s 55 Grove Street project are affordable to families earning 50-60% of area median income.

To maintain the valuable opportunities these homes provide, however, the property requires substantial improvements. These renovations include upgrades to appliances, new flooring, façade renovations, and increased energy efficiency in the form of new lighting and water heaters.

The preservation of smaller-scale affordable housing projects is as aligned with our mission as are larger housing projects and economic developments. In December, Leviticus closed a $300,000 loan to MHA to cover their gap in financing for these upgrades, helping to ensure that residents of 55 Grove Street will still have a safe, pleasant, affordable place to call home in the coming years.