2020 Annual Report

To Our Members and Friends

Suffering, injustice, loss of life and extreme political polarity dominated 2020.  It will be remembered as a difficult year for our nation and for so many families and individuals.  Schools were forced to move to remote learning, healthcare workers were thrust into a pandemic, millions of jobs were lost, and the murder of George Floyd and other Black Americans brought a spotlight to decades-old systemic injustices. 

Amid this upheaval, however, we were inspired by the courage of frontline healthcare workers heroically tending to COVID-19 patients while putting their lives at risk; grocery store employees continuing to show up so people could buy the essentials they needed; and Black Lives Matter protesters taking to the streets to demand justice as well as progress on ending racial disparities and police brutality against people of color.

This report looks back on 2020 and what Leviticus was able to achieve.  You’ll see a strong focus on the building, rehab and preservation of affordable housing, particularly to benefit very low-income people. Our region continues to struggle to meet the demand for homes that are safe, decent places that low-income families can afford. With so many of those families hit inordinately hard by job losses in 2020, especially families of color, the pressure will be greater to address this issue in the years ahead. 

There is still much to do to bring about racial and social justice, to heal from the pandemic, to fight untruths, and to find common ground that heals civic fissures. Leviticus has important contributions to make.  But it isn’t just about doing. All of us need a deep conversion of the heart. It will undoubtedly be an ongoing conversion, with two steps forward and one step back.  

Yet spring has arrived, and the weather is warming. Vaccination rates are increasing, the tone in Washington has changed, and new, deeper commitments to address long time racial disparities seem to have taken hold.  We look to the future with hope. 

We are deeply grateful for the work of our dedicated Board of Directors and Board committees.  We salute Leviticus’ hardworking staff, incredibly generous pro bono counsel, and all our donors, investors and partners. Without your steadfast support we would not be the Leviticus Fund you see on these pages.


Greg Maher
Executive Director

Rosemary Jeffries, RSM
Board President