Why support the Legacy Fund?

Over the summer we had the opportunity to speak with Brother Frank Byrne FSC, who serves as the Auxiliary Provincial of the Brothers of the Christian Schools’ District of Eastern North America (DENA). We asked why they converted a $100,000 loan to the Leviticus Fund to a gift to the Legacy Fund. The interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

The Brothers of Christian Schools contribute to organizations that really help those in need. The criterion that makes the Leviticus Fund stand out is that it makes investments in neighborhoods.

The Brothers of Christian Schools were founded 340 years ago by St. Jean-Baptiste de La Salle at Reims, France. He saw “street kids” who were not getting an education, getting themselves in trouble, and there was no good alternative for them.

Now, we have schools all over the world, and one of our vows is “service through education.” The best way out of poverty is to provide an education so people can help themselves.

The Leviticus Fund lines up with that – providing resources to organizations that make investments that have a ripple effect.

When we found out about the Legacy Fund, and learned that a gift could have a greater impact than a loan, it just made sense.

Ultimately, as a benefactor, you want to know what percentage of your gift is really going to help people With the Leviticus Fund, we know that percentage is very high. You have an office with 9 people moving $31 million in loans – you’re lean and mean.

Keep up the good work and God bless you.